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Target Will Soon Let You Enjoy Alcohol While You Shop!

Target is the love of our lives, we know this. Is it even possible to love Target more? Yes. The answer is yes. 

In August, the chain applied for a liquor license for a store near Navy Pier in Streeterville (Chicago area) opening October 7. A LIQUOR LICENSE YOU GUYS.

“We sell liquor at a number of stores, but we currently don’t have any Target stores that serve liquor on site,” Angie Thompson, a store spokesperson, told Fortune. If the license goes through, it will be the first time Target will sell liquor to customers who are shopping to consume on-site (vs. buying alcohol to take home.)


Several grocery stores are already doing this, and apparently I've been going to the wrong ones but that's besides the point. However, this will be the first for the second-largest discount retailer in the country.

All the unnecessary things we buy at Target sober, can you imagine what we'll be packing in our trunks after a glass of wine?! Or two. Or three. Do you think they'll have a per-customer limit?

*Note to self* Bring disguises.

Who needs a girls night out when you all can just meet at Target and drink wine and shop for things you don't really need in your life, yet you can't live without?

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