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Photos: My Trip To New York City

What up? 

Growing up my family never had extra cash lying around for trips. In fact, a trip for me was going to the fair once every summer lol 

So as a child I promised myself to budget enough each year to take at least one trip. Experiencing the world is always a good time, and the life experience is much needed. 

I booked the trip with a couple of high-school friends who now live in Minneapolis. We try to see each other as much as we can. This trip was the perfect excuse. 

The night before we were supposed to leave my Fiance got hit with a fever of 104... She ended up not being able to come. Adamant on staying behind with her, she insisted I go. 

I'M GLAD I DID!!! It sucked with her not being there.. But I had a bomb time.

I even got to chill at the world famous Z100 with my bro, Brady!

Me in times square pretending to pose with my fiance.. lol I know... I'm a dork 

After being surrounded my buildings, Central Park was a great escape. So pretty there. 

Me third wheeling while taking a picture of my friends eating THE BEST cookies ever. 

The Brooklyn Bridge was DOOOOOOOPE!!! Such a good view. From the Statue of Liberty to Lower Manhattan's skyline you could see errrrrthanggg. 

At the end of the trip I was basically dead. Walking 14+ miles a day KILLED me. I wouldn't have had it any other way.. Until next time... Later, NYC. 

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