12 Amazing Restaurants Opening Downtown

It's always exciting news when cool new businesses start to open their doors downtown! A number of restaurants are in the works right now, and ModernCities.com put together a list explaining each of these 12 new hot spots!

Here's what you've got to look forward to:

  1. Bellweather - Classy Americana, similar to Black Sheep
  2. Bold City Brewery - They're getting a new location downtown!
  3. Breezy Jazz Club - A rich, jazzy spot, like the name says
  4. The Bullbriar - Southern sophistication
  5. Corford Chophouse - upscale steakhouse
  6. Doro District - Food, plus a bowling alley!
  7. FSCJ's Culinary Arts Program - A "Panera-style" café
  8. Grabba Green - Healthy fast fod
  9. The Happy Grilled Cheese - Everyone's favorite food truck!
  10. Kazu Sushi Burrito - The tastiness of sushi with the portability of a burrito
  11. LIVE - a bakery and bar
  12. Tossgreen - healthy fast-casual food

Click here to view the full article on ModernCities.com, with detailed descriptions of each new destination coming our way!

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