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6 Secret Menu Items From Your Favorite Fast Food Restaurants

It's no secret fast food restaurants have secret menus, but if you don't know what to order, you'll miss out on tasty treats. Here's a list of items you won't find on the menu at popular fast food joints, but cooks will whip 'em up if you ask:

Burger King

Try their Suicide Burger -- a four-patty cheeseburger with bacon and sauce. Order a side of Frings (a combo of onion rings and fries), too!

Five Guys

Tired of burgers? Mix it up with a Five Guys patty melt-- a beef burger added to a grilled cheese sandwich.

Taco Bell

If you try to order The Hulk at your local Taco Bell, you might get a blank stare, but if you ask for a bean-and-cheese burrito with guacamole, you’ll get the green meal you’re hoping for.


Skip the bowl and order the Quesarito, a burrito wrapped in a cheese quesadilla instead of a tortilla.


Can’t choose between a McFlurry and an apple pie? Get the best of both worlds by ordering an Apple Pie McFlurry.

Source: USA Today; photo: Getty Images

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