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Most Fun States In America... WHERE'S FLORIDA?!

How is Florida not on the list? Walt Disney World, Universal and we even have Sea World! Not to mention the endless beaches/keys. I don't understand. Also, how the hell did some of those states make the list? North Dakota? WHAT. So confused. 

A website named WalletHub conducted a survey to find the most – and least – fun states in America

Each state was rated on 22 things, including the cost of movies, the number, and quality of national parks, as well as the number of casinos per capita (ya know, because when I think fun, I think Casinos!)

Top 12 "Fun" States:

1. Nevada

2. South Dakota

3. Colorado

4. North Dakota

5. New York   

6. Wyoming

7. Oregon

8. Louisiana

9. Montana

10. Hawaii

11. Maine

12. Minnesota 

Top 5 Least "Fun" States:

1. Mississippi 

2. West Virginia

3. Alabama

4. Kentucky

5. Arkansas

Source: WalletHub

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