3-Yr-Old Tells Parents He Was Murdered In Past Life, Then Leads Them To Body And Murder Weapon...

Apparently, when the young boy turned three, he began to tell his parents that he had been murdered with an axe in his previous life. He also said he remembered where he had lived, so the elders took him to the village he claimed to be from.

There, he told them the name he had been known by in his previous life, and when they asked villagers about it, they said a man by that name had lived there but had gone missing about four years earlier. They had assumed he had strayed into hostile territory and been kidnapped or killed.

The young boy, though, had a different explanation. He said he had been murdered and then told the elders he could identify the man who had killed him.

Then the boy said he could take them to where he had been buried. Sure enough, when they began to dig, they found a skeleton. Even stranger – the skeleton had a mark on its skull that was very similar to the red birthmark the young boy had on his forehead.

Of course, some people are hesitant to believe this incredible tale, but Dr. Lasch insisted it is all true. Regardless, it’s definitely one to make you think…


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