This College Co-Ed Could Be the First Woman to Play Football in the NFL

INJOAt only 18 years old, Becca Longo is already proving to be a force to be reckoned with. According to Bleacher Report, in April, she signed on to play football at Adams State in Alamosa, Colorado, as a kicker. The offer made her the first woman to earn a football scholarship to a Division I or Division II school.

Timm Rosenbach, a former NFL quarterback and the head coach at Adams State, told Bleacher Report:

“If you can play football and you have determination, I don't care what your gender is. And Becca can play, simple as that.”

He noted that she's accurate and has a powerful leg that over time will get stronger, and he explained she was brought to the school to “compete for a job and help us win football games.”

While the school was researching Longo, her father, Bob, was doing his own set of research. He told Bleacher Report that he wanted his daughter playing for a coach who understood her unique situation. Bob revealed what tipped the scale in Rosenbach's favor:

“I wanted her to be coached by someone who had daughters. Coach Rosenbach has two great daughters. That sold me.”

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