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My Weekend Summed Up With Three Instagram Photos

Last week I stupidly challenged the internet. I tweeted out THIS. If you don't want to click the link... 1.) fine whatever jerk... 2.) Long story short, I have to get a Pizza tattoo. 

I have put a lot of thought into this. I was going to go with a realistic Black and Grey Pizza Slice... But then I was like... Nawwww I'm a Maverick. Let's blow this B*TCH UP! 

Soooooo, here's what I'm getting:

My mother saw this. she called, called me an idiot, and that's how I spent 20 mins of my Saturday morning. 

Later in the day I went long boarding like the wanna be badass I am (no I can't do any cool tricks I am super amateur and mainly just a poser in general). 

Sunday was super chill. I got brunch at RCBC with Catalina (our night chick) & Bianca (my sales executive). 

Afterward, I worked at the station for a bit, then relaxed with my cats like the basic being I am. Here's a photo I sent to my Fiance (she recently relocated to Denver for career purposes). 

Photo Credit: Jennifer Payne aka my Fiance

Otaaaaay friend, that was my weekend. 

Hope yours was 100% more dope!

Listen to the show this week!!!!!

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