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ICYMI: Adorable Jacksonville Kid Reporter Goes Viral During Hurricane Irma

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Paisley Jo is just five years old, but she's already made her national television debut during Hurricane Irma. 

Before the storm passed through the First Coast area, Paisley and her younger sister Piper, with Barbie camera in tow, walked the streets of their community reporting on just one of the issues residents faced before the storm -- lack of gas at the pumps. 

When asked why Paisley went out before the storm to report she stated, "it's not about me, it's all about the people. I want them to be safe." 

First Coast News first posted the adorable, now viral video, to our Facebook page a day before the historic storm and her story quickly went viral. Several media outlets, including the Weather Channel and USA Today, ran Paisley's adorable kid reporter package. 

Her mom, Lindsay Reavis, said she never thought something like this would happen. 

"I was very shocked that everyone thought they were very cute because lots of people around us and in our community thought they were cute and think they're funny," Reavis said." But I thought that was just because they knew them personally."  

Reavis said her daughter had always been really active in front of the camera.

"She started watching the news and she said 'I want to do that, I want to be like them when I grow up,'" Reavis said. 

So, Paisley and Piper and her mom immediately went out to the Gate gas station and made the infamous 'lack of gas' video. 

Hurricane Irma was a scary time for many residents on the First Coast but not for this superstar kid reporter. 

"No, it wasn't scary for me but it was scary for all the people," she said. 

Paisley says her love from reporting stems from watching the news and gave some good advice for future reporters like herself. 

"The key to it is just being yourself and doing a great job at being a reporter," she said. 

When Paisley grows up she wants to either be a YouTube star or an anchor for a national news outlet. Either way, remember the name, Paisley Jo.  

Click here to follow the dynamic duo on YouTube. 

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