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Florida Woman Makes Sexy Plea For Power

FORT MYERS - A Florida woman had a creative idea to get her power restored.

Kynse Leigh is one of the thousands of people who lost power when Hurricane Irma hit Florida more than a week ago.

She decided to increase her odds of getting her power back on by putting up this sign. It reads “Hot single female seeks sexy lineman to electrify her life.”

The single mom of one posted a picture of herself on Facebook in front of the sign and some downed trees in her yard.

She said she is just trying to bring humor to a difficult situation. Just two weeks ago, she received a double organ transplant of her pancreas and a kidney.  She returned home from the hospital after Irma hit to find her power was out. She has been couch-surfing with friends since then.

The attention worked. She went on a radio show Monday morning and a group of linemen were listening.  By Monday afternoon, she got her power restored.

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Via First Coast News

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