Disney Needs YOU To Apply To Be A Disney Princess On Their Cruises!

Do you ever wake up in the morning and say to yourself, "How can I be a Disney princess today?" Well, now you can! Plus, you can get paid to do it while you travel the world! Disney is looking to employ tens of princesses and princes for their 2018 cruises. Previous royal experience not required!

All the roles, which are not limited to princesses, are U.S. based and will be either on Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. The roles are not just limited to princesses! They also need makeup artists, crew members and other entertainment staff!

The princess training is unclear, but the job requirements include working 70-84 hours a week, and a seven-day work week. You also have to 'maintain Disney character integrity.' Ok, well I'm a princess so easy peasy. 

Apply here. Go wish upon a star here. May the magical odds be ever in your favor.

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