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*SAPPY* What I Miss About My Grandma

3 years ago my grandmother died of Cancer. She wasn't just a grandma to me. She was like a second mom. I lived with her for about 4 years & was always at her house as a kid. She was only 61 when she passed.

 I'm starting to realize how much she did and how much I really miss her as the days go by without her around. So I wanted to make a list of things that I miss about my grandmother. 

~I miss her always wanting to make me eggs no matter what time of day

~I miss her stupid flip phone she would use and her using the one finger to push the buttons

~I miss her only playing Rod Stewart in her vehicle anywhere we went 

~I miss her obsession with garage sales

~I miss her being overly proud of anything I did 

~I miss Christmas 

~I miss her organizational skills~I miss her saying "pellow" ..."Ink Pin" and Pincil" 

~I miss taking her to chemotherapy 

~I miss trying to get her pumped up and motivated that she wasn't going to die

~I miss her being an amazing Grandma

~I miss asking her things about her childhood'

~I miss her ordering me pizza while I was broke as a joke

~I miss her not understanding technology at all 

~I miss her calling me Colton

~I miss hearing her describing an actor, like Hugh Jackman, as "handsome."

~I miss her annoyingly over pampering me 24/7

~I miss her genuinely caring about how I am feeling/how life is treating me

RIP, Gake (what we all called her thanks to my older sister not being able to pronounce 'grandma')

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