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A 9-Year-Old in California Lost His Baseball Memorabilia in the Fires...

Thousands of people have lost homes to the fires in northern California this month.  One of them is a 9-year-old kid named Loren Smith.

After his parents' house burned down in Santa Rosa, he wrote a letter to his favorite baseball team . . . the Oakland A's . . . about all the stuff he lost.

He had hundreds of baseball cards, 17 jerseys, 10 hats, and a bunch of other memorabilia, including a ball signed by the entire A's team.  All of it is gone.

But over the weekend, a reporter posted a photo of the letter online.  And the response has been pretty amazing.  A bunch of A's fans asked how to send THEIR memorabilia to replace the stuff he lost.  And a bunch of TEAMS have gotten in on it too.

The A's, Rays, Rockies, and Tigers have already said they're sending stuff to him.  Several players are doing it too, including former A's pitchers Dan Haren and Sean Doolittle, and former Red Sox player Kevin Youkilis.

The card company Topps has also gotten involved.  So it sounds like he might end up with way MORE baseball stuff than he had to begin with.

If you want to send something, the A's posted an address online.  (Send it to: The Oakland Athletics, Attn: A's Community for Loren, 7000 Coliseum Way, Oakland, CA  94621.)

( / Yahoo)

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