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My Halloween Trip to Minneapolis Summed Up In Four Photos

Yoooo! I had such a great weekend. 

My Fiance is a flight attendant, so she is based in Denver. It had been three weeks since I saw her up until last weekend. 

My friends live all over. 

My best friends

Nate & Taylor: Tulsa

Devin & Katie: Minneapolis

Alyse: Traverse City

Every Halloween and New Years Eve we all get together to have a dope ass time! It's the 1-2 times a year we all get to be together.

I left the station around 3 on Friday, went to JAX then took off for Minneapolis. 

When I landed, Jennifer was there waiting to pick me up with Katie and my buddy Nate. 

I was soooo happy to see them as I live alone in JAX and things get quiet even though I'm super popular and obviously awesome. 

As soon as I got to Katie's place, I started taking shots because I had been traveling for several hours and I needed to start living it up.

Then things got weird and I got all dressed up for our evening out.

The first night we went as a bride and groom ^^^^

The second night we were Paul Bunyan and his blue ox (we had to make it on the fly cause we only thought to bring one costume....)

Saturday night we went out, but during the day I froze my b's off and took this photo on a bridge over the Mississippi River.

Anyways, I had a dope time and only spent probably $800 on the entire trip... which is cheap... cause I'm rich A F........

Jk, pls donate money to me so I don't go homeless. 

k byeeee!

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