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Florida man's 'I-4 Eyesore' Halloween costume breaks internet

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - It may not be official, but there's a clear winner in Central Florida when it comes to Halloween costumes.

Someone cleverly dressed up as the unfinished skyscraper widely known as the "I-4 Eyesore," a building in Altamonte Springs that's been under construction for more than 15 years.

Photos of the costume have gone viral since surfacing on social media Tuesday night. One photo, taken in Orlando, had nearly 5,000 shares Wednesday afternoon.

"I don't think anyone can beat this dudes (sic) costume," one user said in the caption of another picture.

Construction on the 18-story tower, officially called the Majesty building, has been underway since 2001, according to But there have been delays ever since.

Because of that, the tower has become an easy target for criticism over the years. It's also been the subject of memes, including one hoping Hurricane Irma would topple the building.

It's unclear who's underneath the cardboard costume, but whoever it is, they've become an internet celebrity overnight -- in Florida, anyway.

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