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What Black Friday Looked Like in 1996

According to, 1996 was soooo not futuristic compared to today's day and age. 

These were some of the go-to gifts during Black Friday... get your time machine ready...

1.) Macintosh Computer - $2400

It only had 16 megabites of memory. The lowest iPhone memory now is 32gb... 

2.) Nintendo 64 - $200

I have to admit. N64s are still badass to this day, and i would still pay top dollar for one. But, you can get the newer systems for that price & the graphics are insanely good.

3.) 1.2gb Hard Drive - $220.

WHAT?!?!!? Like I said, you can get an older iPhone for that much with 16 times the memory... That's crazy.

4.) Motoral Flip Phone - Free With Contract. 

Okay. Tbh, that's a f*&king steal. 

See the photos/perks of 1996s black Friday deals here.

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