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Flies, raw sewage among 19 violations found at Jacksonville Red Robin

According to News 4 Jax

"The newly opened Red Robin chain restaurant across from the St. Johns Town Center was busted by health inspectors for nearly 20 violations. 

Just four months after opening its doors at the Strand near the Town Center, Red Robin failed an inspection with 19 health violations.

Red Robin is known for its burgers, brews and, of course, bottomless fries.

But that wasn't the focus during a visit from the health inspector last week. 

The restaurant was cited for six high-priority violations, including live flies found in the kitchen, food prep area and bar.

Raw sewage was found on the ground near the back door, and a stop sale was issued for potentially hazardous food, such as fish and milk, that was at the wrong temperature.

According to the report, the violations could lead to a food-borne illness. 

The majority of the issues were fixed while the inspector was there, according to the report.

In a second visit two days later, the restaurant only had two violations, both regarding paperwork.

The restaurant was not shut down. This was its first failed inspection.

Management and the company's media relations department have not responded to requests for comment on the inspection report.

Red Robin is due for a follow-up visit."

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