Couple loses 400 pounds in amazing weight loss journey

Lexi and Danny Reed have lost a combined 400 pounds since they committed to a 2016 new year resolution to lose weight together. The couple has chronicled their weight loss through a popular Instagram account called @FatGirlFedUp.

Lexi was 485 pounds and wearing a size 28 and Danny was 280 pounds and wearing a 46 waist when they started their journey. Now, Lexi is down to 182 pounds and wears a size 10 and Danny is down to 182 pounds and wears a 32.

“The hardest part of our journey was changing our relationship with food,” Lexi told ABC News. “When I was 485 pounds, I never cooked. My husband and I would go out to eat for almost every single meal and if we did cook at home, it was frozen pizza or anything else unhealthy. We found that by meal-prepping instead of relying on fast food, we were able to stick with our goals when we were at work. And by learning to cook our own meals we were in charge of what we were eating. We were willing to learn every single day of our journey and we also started using the gym as therapy instead of food. By changing our minds, habits and emotional triggers, we changed our lives.”

Lexi told ABC News said there are "no words to explain the feeling of saving your own life" and that their weight loss journey, though difficult, has given her a newfound happiness.

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