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My Building Is Fighting Over Coffee. COFFEE

Soooo it all started a few months ago. Somebody had left the coffee machine on allllll night. 

Management was not impressed, to say the least. 

So yesterday, a giant leak appeared in the kitchen under the sink. It was super dark, as coffee was poured down the drain. 

Now, I think, people thought the hot coffee caused the leak (which was not true). 

Either way, stuff was going down & I couldn't believe the messages that ensued.

Coffee Crisis Takeaway:

Turn off the machine. I need my coffee. Literally, the only thing that gets me out of bed is the free cup of caffeine.

What do you think? Dramatic? Not Dramatic? Should someone go to timeout for their actions?


Also, here are words imma focus on in 2018. Follow me on insta! Or don't. Fine. Whatever.

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