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Bikini-clad barista turning heads in Jacksonville

According to News 4 Jax,

A new coffee shop concept is turning heads in Jacksonville. "DDlightful Cups Bikini Coffee" opened for business Tuesday. It’s a small, pink trailer on Beach Boulevard, just east of Southside Boulevard.

Personally I love this. I'm reading a book called 'Buzz Marketing.' It's about creating something people will talk about instead of paying for advertising. Get people talking about your stuff, that's the premise. As you know, i'm super dope and I want to be famous, so i'm learning on how to further my brand.

I should take notes from this girl. She's killin' it. 

"The owner, who hails from Oregon, says the idea is popular in that part of the country. She hopes it gains greater exposure and really takes off.

Barista Michelle Sandoval said she was excited to be a part of the venture, and doesn't mind the choice of attire. She noted it’s the first time she’s ever shown up to work in a bikini.

“It's more fun. It's more on the wild side," Sandoval said. "I used to work for a couple of different coffee shops, so I am familiar with it, but I thought this would be fun." 

Barista Michelle Sandoval

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