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A Time Traveler Claiming To Be From 2030 PASSES A Lie Detector Test

A time traveler who says he is from the future (2030) has passed a lie detector test after claiming Donald Trump will be re-elected, and Artificial Intelligence will take over.

In a YouTube video posted by Apex TV, the man, whose face and voice have been distorted to hide his identity, claims he has risked his life to travel back in time. His mission, he says, is to tell those alive now what the world has in store. 

His predictions include: 

-Google Glass-style robotics will spread across the globe. 

-Technology will also have developed to the point where it will be able to independently run a home. 

-Bitcoin will be increasingly popular but pennies and cents will still be in use. 

-In 2030 he says the US President is a mysterious figure called Ilana Remikee. 

-He also suggests global warming has caused temperatures in North America to increase while Europe has cooled. 

-Humans will reach Mars in 2028 and, the same year, time travel will be discovered. 

-He states that electric cars will be able to travel as fast as diesel and gas vehicles (though a lot already do) and many forms of cancer have been cured. 

In a previous interview, the man said he had anorexia and is in fact 50-years-old, but that he had taken an age rejuvenation drug which transformed him into a 25-year-old. 

He passed the lie detector test completely and says he has hard evidence to back up his predictions but isn’t sure that he can say what that is because it might cause a paradox. The lie detector also confirmed that statement as true.

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