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Tom Hanks' Sons Are Famous? (One Is A Rapper)

Tom Hanks Children

Tom Hanks has multiple children. Some are famous, others aren't (by choice).

The first famous son, his rapper name is Chet Haze, his acting name is Chet Hanks. 

He started out as a rapper:

After having little success, he decided to venture back into acting. I feel like this was a great move. I've seen him on one of my favorite shows, 'Shameless,' and he really does a stand-up job:

Here's an exclusive interview about him and the relationship with his dad.

Tom Hanks Other Child

His name is Colin Hanks. Unlike his wrapper brother, he started out as an actor and stuck with it. He has started in TV shows like 'Dexter,' 'Fargot,' and more!

Sorta weird but super awesome. 

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