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How My Cats Helped Me Through Challenging Times *I'm Basic*

Listen, having a cat is enjoyable. I love my dudes. I have two cats... Cuddles & Tigger. 

Tigger is older, super chill. Cuddles is younger and omg most days I want to give him away. I'm not some shmuck saying that. Don't get me wrong, I love him. But he's so challenging to deal with.

Beyond all that negativity. My cats have helped me through a lot. God, I sound like such a basic bisshhh right now.

Last year was tough for me. My Fiance got a job & had to relocate to Denver. That meant I was home alone with the cats. I'm the type of dude who needs people around. I get in my head so much that I need an outlet (hence why I'm on the radio).

Luckily, I found comfort in my felines.

Top 10 Ways My Cat's Helped Me Through Struggles

  1. Being there: Just having a pet around makes you feel less alone.
  2. Cuddling: This is looking super weird. Stop judging. Having a cat on my lap made me happier.
  3. Having Responsibilities: It was nice to have other things that needed my attention besides work. Little tasks helped structure my day.
  4. Something to Come Home To: They gave me a reason to spend time at home
  5. Something to Laugh At: It's not a secret that pets unknowingly do stupid things to make you laugh. Little laughs make a difference.
  6. Sensed My Sadness: It's bananas that pets know when you're feeling blue. Whenever I was down they would always surround themselves with me.
  7. Someone to Chat With: Those conversations weighed one-sided, but I liked them.
  8. Kept Me Grounded: I didn't want to go out and party or take weekend trips because they were home. I feel like they needed me as much as I needed them.
  9. Purrs Are Comforting: Knowing I was making somebody happy made me smile in return.
  10. Kept My Mind Ticking: As a pet owner, I always try to come up with new ways to keep their minds entertained. Playing with them gave me a creative outlet to have fun with my felines. Keeping them active and having a blast at the same time was & is enjoyable.

Bottom line... Get yourself a cat. They have their downfalls, but overall they make the world a better place. Occasionally...

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