Frozen Palomas Be Coming To Chipotle?!?!

Chipotle is known for its burrito bowls, but the Mexican fast-food restaurant is testing out a new menu item that they hope will be a hit: Frozen Palomas. 

Chipotle is officially calling this creation the Frozen Paloma Margarita, as it is a take on both two Mexican classics, the margarita and the Paloma. Chipotle's Frozen Paloma will be a slushy drink made with grapefruit, agave nectar, citrus, and Sauza tequila. YUM! Even better is the fact that it fairly cheap running at $6.20 for a 14 oz cup. 

Currently, Chipotle's NEXT Kitchen is the only location with the drink. However, after it is tested at this location, you might expect to see this drink at your local Chipotle restaurant this summer. 

Summer can't come soon enough!

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