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Colt Called His Old Receptionist & Confessed Something Startling...

Wowwwww contact roulette was such a good bit, even top talent morning shows are stealing it!!!

We had a lot of fun this episode, enjoy :)

:55: Contact Roulette

2:45: Drake Calls Heather

5:59: Colt Calls Taylor

9:13: Jenn Calls Shelby

14:39: Colt's touching story about his grandmother

17:47: Who was there for you when you needed them most

22:29: Should Drake be upset at his friends lack of empathy?

24:34: Having compassion for people who OD

30:40: Peer pressure

33:56: Everyone is socially awkward after Covid

36:44: You're older if you can hear these sounds

39:03: THIS is the WORST Video to play in public

40:56: Jenn and Colt have a grocery getter now

42:43: Where does Drake hook up with people?

46:43: My AWFUL Chainsmokers interview

52:28: Underaged drinking at bars is actually easy

57:34: That's a wrap

58:46: Things we talked about before we started the show

PODCULTERS YOU ARE THE LIGHT IN MY LIFE... sorry, coming on too strong. Thank you for listening to this episode. You're the best. Much love to you!!

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