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Guy Tried to Break into a Little Caesars by Sliding Down an Exhaust Pipe

A criminal in Georgia tried to break into a place using the Santa method the other day. Actually, it's even dumber than a chimney . . .



A couple Army recruiters near Atlanta were getting to work Tuesday morning when they heard a guy screaming for help inside a Little Caesars two doors down.  (It happened in Lithonia, about 15 miles east of Atlanta.)



It turned out he tried to break into the restaurant overnight. And he thought the best way to do it was by shimmying down an EXHAUST PIPE.



The pipe was connected to the pizza oven, so there was no chance he could get in that way. Instead, he got stuck, and he'd been there several hours.



One of the Army recruiters talked to him while he was still in there. She says he told her he was in pain and having a panic attack.



Firefighters had to cut into the exhaust system to get him out. Then they took him to a hospital to be treated for "friction burns."



The Little Caesars had to close for the day to get everything fixed. It's not clear what kind of charges he's facing. 



(11Alive / AJC)



(Here's a photo.)

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