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Top 20 Themed Weddings Adults Would Actually Like to Attend

For people who don't like weddings . . . THEMED weddings are probably an even HARDER SELL.  (UNLESS it's the buttoned-up formality that they don't like.)



Themed weddings are becoming more popular . . . and in a new poll, 40% of people say they've been to some kind of themed wedding. And 44% of people say they can be fun and create "great memories."



So what kind of themes are we talking about? Here are the 10 wedding themes adults "would like to attend."



1. Fantasy . . . like "Lord of the Rings""Game of Thrones", or "Star Trek"


2. Music . . . like rock 'n' roll, pop, or disco


3. Disney . . . like Cinderella, Mickey Mouse, or "Lion King"


4. Action heroes . . . like Marvel, comics, superheroes, or LEGO characters


5. '80s Era


6. Medieval . . . (Just wait for the "knight in shining armor" puns.)


7. Fast Food-Themed . . . like KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway, or McDonald's  (???)


8. Sports . . . like football, basketball, tennis, or golf.


9. '70s Era


10. '90s Era.



Now, we just need couples brave enough to do it.




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