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Wendy's Employees Disabled Railroad Crossing to Make Their Shift Easier

If these idiots would apply themselves like this at work, they might find a job they don't hate so much . . .



Two Wendy's employees were heading to work in Pennsylvania two Fridays ago.  (Tilden Township, 30 miles outside Allentown.) And they came up with a pretty sophisticated plan to make sure they had an easy shift that night.



They pulled over at a railroad crossing and put a device on the tracks that made the wooden railroad crossing arms malfunction.



It actually ended up disabling them completely. So someone could have driven over the tracks with no idea a train was coming. But luckily, that didn't happen.



One of them was a woman named Amy Schaner. But it sounds like the mastermind was 34-year-old Ryan Boria. They told cops they thought that if the gates malfunctioned and blocked traffic, it would, quote, "prevent people from getting to Wendy's, and they could have a slow night at work."



They're facing charges for criminal mischief, reckless endangerment, and causing or risking a catastrophe. 






(Here's Ryan's mugshot.)

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