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Jason Sudeikis Banned Harry Styles Music from the House

Imagine your significant other hooking up with one of your heroes, so now you have to HATE that person forever.

Well, I don't know if Harry Styles was ever one of Jason Sudeikis' heroes, but he can't be anymore . . . because he's giving the business to Jason's ex, Olivia Wilde.

Jason and Olivia's former nanny spilled a bunch of tea to a British tabloid.  

She claims Jason was totally blindsided by the relationship . . . which he only discovered because she left her Apple Watch behind one day, and he found a bunch of flirty text messages on it.

She says, quote, "He was crying and a mess, saying, 'She left us. She left us!' He was so brokenhearted, I felt for him."

The nanny also claims Jason once threw himself under Olivia's car several times to stop her from leaving to see Harry. Quote, "She went back into the house and he went in, it was back and forth.

"He said he was doing it on purpose to make her late going to see Harry."

Jason eventually fired the nanny in a drunken rage, because she was messaging Olivia.

Jason and Olivia released a joint statement calling the nanny's claims, quote, "false and scurrilous," as well as "incredibly upsetting." They say she's been harassing them and their family and friends for 18 months.

(But hey, at least she got them to agree on SOMETHING.)


(Page SixTMZ)

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