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Office Birthday Questionnaire

We celebrate everyone’s birthday around here but WHY? Does anyone even want to do it? Can’t we just spend that money elsewhere?

The birthday Grinch White Cheddar sent out a company wide email, got everyone’s opinion, and a birthday ruling has been made!

Plus, check out the questionnaire below!


1. Should the office celebrate birthdays:

A. For each and every person

B. 1x per month

C. 1x per quarter (4x per year)

D. 1x per year

E. Not at all

2.If answered not at all, how would you like to see the X amount of savings spent?

3.Should there be cake served at the celebration?

4.Would you prefer a company contribution to a charity of the celebrant’s choice in lieu of gift card?

5.Would you prefer a cash gift based on years of service to the company?

6.Should there be a tier system – one for support staff and the other for “important” people or should everyone be treated equally?

7.Would you like to receive a physical card signed by everyone, an electronic card, or no card?

8.Would you like to have your work area or desk decorated for your birthday?

9.Would you prefer to receive a “personal holiday” on your birthday (or Friday/Monday if it falls on a weekend)?

10.Would you prefer a lunch with the Bossman to discuss company matters?

11.Would you prefer a phone call from the Bossman personally singing Happy Birthday to you?

12.Would you prefer to have a birthday buddy? You’re assigned a birthday buddy at the beginning of year and your buddy is responsible for organizing the office celebration for you.

13.Reverse it – you bring treats for everyone in the office to celebrate your birthday?

14.Would you prefer a breakfast potluck once a month to celebrate birthdays?

15.Anything else you would like to have considered for the office celebrations?

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