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The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show

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"He's Just Not That Into Me"

That's Not Good Enough For You?

Float your boat, getting busy in the bathroom and seeing pink flags.

Dancing Naked Around The Coffee Table

Big Al's wife wanted to help him feel better by dancing naked around the coffee table, and Kellie wants to take a love.

Celebrity Gossip Part 1 - Adam Sandler Style Icon

Chase Stokes had to borrow money to get to his Outer Banks audition, and now his co-star says she was barely getting by when she got her break. We’ll play who had it worse. Plus, Jennifer Aniston is upset with Vogue Magazine.

Celebrity Gossip Part 2 - Ed Sheeran's Eating Disorder

Ed Sheeran gave his most personal interview to Rolling Stone so we’ll get into some of the things he talks about. Plus, who is to blame for Cameron Diaz going back into retirement???

Love Letters To Kellie - TV In The Bedroom

Should you go to bed at the same time as your partner? Our Love Expert is here to help.

J-Si Ruined The Taylor Swift Surprise

J-Si was going to surprise his daughter, but he ruined it by talking about it on the radio.

The Mid-Week Update - Knowing Ana

Who knows Ana the best?

Kellie's Showbiz Top 5 - 6ix9ine Jumped

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine brutally beaten inside Florida gym, and it's The Rock's fault Shazam bombed.

Just So You Know - White Claw Vodka

Prodcuer Nick has the news stories worth talking about.