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How You Get The Girl (Taylor’s Version)

How You Get The Girl is a how-to manual written by Taylor Swift, but some people just still don’t get it!

Taylor talks about her inspiration behind this song and ends it with a very funny thought on how this could go if you follow this manual exactly! She performed this song recently during the surprise song set on the Eras Tour, and we like to think it’s because Travis Kelce was in the crowd.. even though we were all thinking of tortured songs because of her soon to be released album, The Tortured Poets Department!

Ana Szabo, Amy Nichols, Lacey Gee and Nick Adams break down the song lyrics to this 1989 track, and get unintentionally deep with their own thoughts and feelings. Nick shares how he actually got the girl, Ana shares her word of the day leading up to TTPD release, and more!

Speaking of, it’s almost time for The Tortured Poets Department! We will be celebrating the release of the new album with a streaming party! Be sure to join us on our YouTube channel so we can all listen to the new album for the first time together! The album is being released the night of April 18th at 11pm CT, and we can all celebrate and take it in together!

Also, join us for our TTPD celebration party with Swifties in the Park on April 27th from 2-5pm at Grandscape in the Colony! We will be playing the new album on repeat, record a live podcast, have prizes and giveaways, and there will be a Swiftie market! The link for tickets and to apply to be a vendor is at

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