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SwifTea: Surprise Song O' Clock Predictions for Stockholm, Sweden

We are stilling reeling in the amazement of the Eras Tour, which returned last week in Paris and wowwwwwwww! The entire new set for The Tortured Poets Department! Insane! Female Rage: The Musical… Wonder if anything is to come of that?

We recap about all of the happenings in Paris, declare (and some, debate) points from last weekend.

We declare a loser for the last round and boy, are y’all going to be surprised! There was yet another twist!

And what do we think will happen this weekend when Taylor Swift takes the stage in Stockholm?

We predict the songs for the acoustic set.

Plus thanks to some voicemails from our sweet lobsters, we have suggestions for a new twist in the game and some punishments!

Let us know what you think the punishment should be this round! Nick Adams, Amy Nichols, Ana Szabo and Lacey Gee discuss all of this and more!

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